Why Nobleis

Nobleis' Advantages

Nobleis is the most effective, rewarding, and speediest way to connect romantically, socially, or professionally with generous and socially conscious people.   Nobleis has fundamentally altered the online dating landscape for the better by bringing the thrill and excitement of charity auctions to online dating and social apps.   Here are some of the advantages in no special order, Nobleis offers over dull swiping dating apps.

Donating and fundraising for charities will not only make you feel good but being altruistic helps keep things in perspective.  Nobleis creates a sense of belonging to a socially conscious community and reduces isolation. You’ll be surprised how fundraising or contributing to charities brings more meaning to your life.   It also improves your personal money management and promotes generosity.  Giving is contagious, so other users may follow your lead to donate to charities that matter to them.

Not everyone is in a financial position to donate and reap the many benefits of altruism.  Nobleis empowers people with no or little financial means to take advantage of the many benefits of altruism by auctioning off their time to date or network raising money for causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

Online dating no longer needs to be laborious and dull.  Our platform makes winning a date fun and exciting.  The auction atmosphere will be exhilarating for you as you’ll enjoy the adrenaline rush as you set your sights on a coveted date and strive to experience the feeling of excitement that comes along with being the winning bidder.

Have you ever come to the end of a date and felt a sense of lack of accomplishment, a feeling of having wasted your time, hopelessness for the time lost? Well, now you do not ever need to feel like that again. Nobleis creates a scenario where you can leave a date and know that you have made a positive difference. No matter the date’s outcome, you know from beginning to end that you are making a difference by raising money for a worthy cause.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression which goes a long way when meeting someone for the first time. By donating to your potential date’s favorite charity, Nobleis unleashes the power of first impression by putting your best version of yourself forward as a generous philanthropist.   Accepting bids to support your favorite charity makes you feel altruistic, caring, and socially conscious.  Either way, it increases your odds of sealing a second date and a potential long-term relationship.

Because our community of users is more inclined to accept generous bids that support their favorite charities close and dear to their hearts, you’ll have a better chance of matching with someone who may be out of your league.   Besides having a positive first impression, the rivalry between users wishing to raise more money for their favorite cause also increases the odds of accepting your charity bid to match your potential date.

Nobleis removes the stigma of online dating by integrating charitable fundraising on our platform.  Many of our compassionate and socially focused community members consider donating and fundraising for nonprofit organizations their primary focus. Perhaps, that’s why we see as many ladies taking the lead by bidding to support guys’ favorite charities as we see guys bidding to support ladies’ favorite charities.

Often first dates become awkward because people get nervous and have nothing to discuss.   But meeting someone on the Nobleis platform provides you with a great ice breaker to discuss what made you or your date passionate enough to support the particular charity among the list of over 1.5 million other nonprofits.

Online dating no longer has to feel like a part-time job.  By eliminating sending or receiving unsolicited time-consuming chats or likes, Nobleis saves you considerable time.  You can be on your way to your dream date with just a few clicks.  You no longer have to be overwhelmed and go through many emails that have been cut and pasted or daily likes trying to figure out who to date.   You will only receive a manageable amount of bids to support your favorite charity from those who are genuinely interested in you.   Nobleis empowers you to have a set price and a minimum bid amount to better control the number of bids you receive.

Unlike other dating apps where users are flooded with too many messages and likes, as many tend to swipe right on everyone, Nobleis’ users tend to read profiles and only place a bid for someone that really interests them.  Now you can weed out the phoneys and fakes without serious intentions.  Socially conscious, generous philanthropists put their money where their mouth is by demonstrating their sincere intentions by placing charitable bids to support your cause. This saves you precious time and aggravation from the get-go by taking the guessing game out of who to date, empowering you to consider only those that are worthy of your time.

Nobleis proprietary auction platform flow inherently reduces the chance of romance scams.  Romance scams are prevalent in most online dating and social media apps.  It’s when a criminal adopts a fake online identity to gain a victim’s affection and trust. The scammers always tend to target a large pool of people using the illusion of a romantic or close relationship to find the vulnerable ones susceptible to being manipulated to steal from.   Nobleis does not allow communication between users until a charitable bid is accepted, making it uneconomical for fraudsters to create an illusion of romance and deploy their fraudulent scheme.
To help keep our community safe, Nobleis may confirm a user identity to ensure it’s the same person in the profile by asking to submit a selfie.

By auctioning off your time to date or network, you bring attention to your profile and effortlessly stand out and create a speedy process to connect with your potential match.  There’s no doubt that an auction is the fastest process around. Nobleis even allows you to establish your own price and minimum bid on behalf of your favorite charity.

Unfortunately, many don’t accurately portray themselves or their financial means on online dating apps.  From the get-go, Nobleis provides the best way to determine if the person who wants to date you is authentic, generous, and socially conscious.   By bidding to contribute to your favorite charity, the bidder puts his money where his mouth is.  There is no better way of gauging your date’s generosity than coming across as a gold digger.  

This is the only dating app out there that requires no monthly subscription, no up-sale, and no advertising.   Totally risk-free.  You are only expected to donate if your bid is accepted and you match.   Even your charitable contributions may be tax-deductible.  With our date assurance, if your match ghosts you, you have one week from your connection to unmatch and cancel your pledge to donate.

Nobleis platform is for everyone, including the LGBTQ community, and treats everyone equally.   Since we accept no subscription or in-app purchases, we don’t prioritize profile placement or give any preferred treatment to any group of people.   Regardless of gender, creed, or financial position, everyone on Nobleis is treated equally.   So often, charity auction winners are always the same group of wealthy people that tend to outbid the masses.  We have purposely designed our auction to give the users the freedom to choose their auction winner(s) regardless of the bid amount to give equal opportunity to everyone.

Rather than relying on an algorithm to select potential partners for users, Nobleis places one’s romantic fate in the hands of the user and not a mathematical matching algorithm.   Providing exposure and the opportunity to match with potential romantic partners you are otherwise unlikely to encounter provides a better outcome.  Nobleis also allows you to match with whomever you choose regardless of the bid amount, as the highest bidder is not necessarily your charity auction winner.