Instead of swiping right or sending unsolicited messages in hopes of matching, Nobleis takes a different approach. Our users auction off dates or networking experiences to benefit non-profit organizations of their choice.

How Nobleis Works:


After downloading Nobleis app from the app store, use Facebook, Apple ID, or your phone number to create your profile.
Choose your favorite charity to raise money for.


If a user has a legitimate interest in connecting with you, they place a bid (a pledge to make a donation) to support your favorite charity for a chance to match.

You may Accept, Counter, or Decline the bid within 24 hours before it auto-declines.   Declined bids forfeit the bidder’s pledge to donate.  If you have reciprocal interest and accept the bid, a match is made, and you and the bidder may start communicating.

Alternatively, if a user’s profile catches your eye and you don’t want to wait around for that user to place a bid to support your favorite charity, you may take a proactive approach and place a bid to support that user’s favorite charity for a chance to match.  If the user accepts your bid, you match with that user and pledge to donate your bid amount to that user’s favorite charity.  You are not obligated to donate your bid amount anymore if your bid gets declined.

Only users with a credit card on file for making donations have an option of receiving offers. If the user you are interested in meeting with is entertaining offers, you may place an offer amount that you’re willing to accept on behalf of your favorite charity for a chance to match with that user.   If the user accepts your offer, the user pledges to donate your offer amount to your favorite charity to match.


Once a bid or offer is accepted,  users may then communicate via audio, video, and text chat.  Users may use our app scheduler to suggest and confirm a meeting time and venue.    Nobleis grants up to one week after connecting with a user to unmatch and cancel the donation pledge without further obligation.  After a week from matching, or earlier if users confirm they met, the bid or offer amount gets donated to the bidder’s favorite charity.

Auction Platform Reinvented:

Nobleis uses a sealed-bid type charity auction process to ensure confidentiality, where no bidder knows who the other bidders are or how much the other auction participants have bid.   

Unlike traditional silent auctions, where the highest bidder is declared the winner, our patent-pending technology empowers users to select which bidder(s) they want to match with by accepting the bid amount to benefit their favorite charities. In other words, users are unrestrained to match with multiple bidders or no bidder at all, regardless of the bid amount.  

Even Though charity auction listings don’t expire unless the user pauses their account, charity bids auto decline in 24 hours if not Accepted or Countered.

Users make a financial pledge to donate the bid amount if their bid gets accepted.   

Bid with confidence, the pledge to donate is null and void if a user’s bid gets declined or users requests to unmatch within one week from the time of accepting a bid.


Nobleis is 100% free, with no in-app purchases or gimmicks to up-sale as all premium features are free.

Users choose between dating or networking, in-person or virtual,  and can switch their interests in the search filter.

Money received from the auctions goes to charity, never to the users.

The user with the highest bid amount does not necessarily win as users decide who to match with by accepting a bid or offer regardless of the amount.

The minimum bid, offer, or donation amount of $5 and a maximum of $999.

Users may customize their charity auction to have a set price, a minimum bid amount, and allow offers with a maximum offer amount.