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Connect with generous, socially conscious people
in your area or around the world with a free charity dating app.

100% Free.  No Subscription.
Donations may be fully tax deductible.

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Bid or auction off your time for dates and networking experiences for your favorite  cause and make life-changing connections with like-minded people.

Whether you’re looking for love, a relationship, a date, interested in career-building, or just finding a friend, Nobleis is the free charity dating social platform that makes empowered connections through impactful fundraising for amazing charities.


Once you find someone who interests you, bid to support their favorite charity.   Once your interested person accepts your bid, you match!


When your bid is accepted, you may start to chat, or video chat.  You have a week to cancel your pledge to donate your bid amount after matching.


If you are ready, you may use the app scheduler to suggest a time and a place to meet.   Your donations may be tax deductible!

Place a bid to match

If your interested person accepts your bid, your bid amount gets donated to your match’s favorite charity and you may start to communicate.

Discover your perfect match

Switch between Dating & Networking. Choose your preferences via filters to discover people with shared interests and goals.
All features, including advanced filters, are free.

Our streamlined process eliminates the headache by setting up your charity auction from the get-go.

You may customize your charity auction with a set price and a minimum bid amount if you wish to do so.

Supporting your cause while expanding your social network has never been easier


“Nobleis allows me to date out of my league! By donating to my date’s favorite charity, I make a positive first impression, increasing my chances of going on future dates. Thank you for making Nobleis 100% free with no gimmicks or up sale to unlock premium features. I couldn’t ask for anything else, even my charitable contributions are tax-deductible.”


“Focus on supporting charities, breaks the stigma of women making the first move. My shyness doesn’t get in the way when placing a bid to support someone’s favorite charity as it does when contacting someone first for a date. Besides, talking about why we’ve chosen those particular charities to support is a great icebreaker that makes first dates less awkward.”


“Thank you for connecting me with generous philanthropists while raising money for my university’s sorority club. As an undergrad student, I’m not in a financial position to donate to charities myself. Yet fundraising on Nobleis provides me the same benefits as donating, such as feeling wealthier, more thankful, and improving my health.”


“Nobleis allows me to go on quality dates without spending an exorbitant amount of time online. That is important to me as I value time spent on dates rather than looking for dates. My experience with datinwordg socially conscious gals has been all positive. In general, my dates have been more intellectual, empathetic, mindful, and communicative.”

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