Purposeful Dating

Dating with a purpose is a notion that we all consider. There are different reasons, objectives, and goals when putting ourselves out there in the dating world. We go through hundreds and hundreds of profiles and messages. The experience for some can be overwhelming and pointless.

Nobleis is an app-driven to revolutionize the way we view online dating. What if I told you that every date you went on served a purpose in helping others? What if I told you that you could pick charities that are near and dear to your heart and contribute to those charities every time you accept a bid for your charity of choice? It is a pretty incredible thought, correct? Nobleis is an app that will serve that exact purpose. Every time you accept a bid from a member, a charity of your choice will receive proceeds paid by the Nobleis member of your choosing. Finally an app that serves a greater purpose other than the everyday dating apps! Nobleis, the app that serves multiple purposes while changing the world one date at a time.

Have you ever come to the end of a date and felt that there was an unaccomplished sense, a feeling of having wasted time, a hopeless sense of time lost? Well, now you do not ever need to feel like that. Nobleis changes the formula in dating. It creates a scenario where you can leave a date and know that you have made a difference, a positive difference. No matter what the outcome of the date, you know from beginning to end that you are making a difference. A concept that before was not available and is now a realistic and attainable action at the palm of your hands.

Nobleis provides the opportunity to date and network. You can connect for networking, career, workshop, or what you choose! If for any reason it does not work out, It won’t be a waste of time. Nobleis members should not feel bad, as they have done a good deed by raising money or contributing to an impactful charity to better their neighborhood or world.

Nobleis members will bid to support your chosen charities and or causes. The money that is raised to meet with you will go to good causes. Yes, there will be bad dates; that is inevitable. It is something that we have all gone through or experienced in our lives. Until we find our right match, we go on dates that may or may not have the chemistry we are looking for. With Nobleis, you will know that it was not a waste of time, as the money that was raised will be for a non-profit and will serve a noble cause. It is a great way to network and meet people while making a difference one date or meeting at a time. Like-minded people looking to date with a selfless foundation. All members welcome now I proudly say to you all, Let the Bidding Begin!